Healthy Skin

A Regime for Youthful & Healthy Skin

A good anti aging skin care regime is essential to keep your skin youthful, prevent premature aging and prolong the occurrence of age spots, lines and wrinkles.

Facial Care is not just about treatments for skin disorders, it is also about the maintenance and protection of healthy skin. Cleansing, toning, exfoliating and specialised skin treatments are just as important as your daily moisturiser and sunscreen.

Cosmetic Products can help to improve the signs of aging and even reverse some aging signs, however, even the best anti aging skin care cream can only improve the health of your skin to some degree.

Beautiful Skin From Within

The skin is an organ that needs nutrition from the inside and protection from the outside.

The skin is our largest organ and requires water and nutrients to “live”.

An undernourished body will show signs of dryness and dehydration. A body which ph is acid shows as reactive reddish and often sensitive skin. Many skin conditions are the reflections of your bodies state of health. When it comes to aging, unhealthy conditions will accelerate the aging process which shows on the skin with sagging skin, lines and wrinkles.

A Healthy Anti Aging Skin Care Regime

A Regime for Youthful & Healthy Skin

So how do we keep our skin healthy?

The following factors that are contributing to a healthy and beautiful skin and prevent premature skin aging:

Diet and Nutrition

Feed your skin from within and give it all its nutrients and it will be glowing.

A healthy balanced diet including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, protein from fish and whole grains.

I recommend to supplement your diet with anti aging nutritional supplements including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to give your skin everything it needs from the inside. This will not only improve your skin, but also slow down the aging process of your whole body. See Anti Aging Nutrition for more info.

Avoid the obvious age accelerators: excess alcohol, cigarette smoking, chemicals, drugs etc.

Avoid anything white like sugar, white flour, refined products


Regular aerobic exercise helps in the maintenance of a healthy skin.

During a good workout, blood gets pumped throughout the body reaching even the tiniest vessels and skin capillaries. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients that the skin needs to stay healthy.

Exercise also encourages the lymph flow removing waste and toxins from the body. Exercise is also inducing the production of human growth hormone which regenerates and rejuvenates our cells.

Sun protection

Although the sun is necessary for life, sun damage to skin is caused by the invisible and intense ultraviolet radiation of sun exposure. Some of those harmful effects are visible right away like suntan and sunburn but others appear and worsen overtime such as liver spots and wrinkles. With repeated intense sun exposure the skin damage can even progress into cancer.

To further understand the effects of sun damage to skin, skin aging and sun protection measures.

Skin Care Regime For The Face, Neck And Decollete

Anti aging skin care can help to maintain a healthy skin and help to diminish the signs of aging. It is necessary to have a daily skin care routine to maintain the skins health and beauty. Dirt and grime need to be removed daily as well as dry skin cells that could block pores. Anti aging skin care can protect the skin from environmental damage and replenish lost moisture.

All anti aging skin care products should be suitable for your skin type.


The cleanser should be your first step morning and night to remove dirt and grime, excess oil, make up and other cosmetics that have been applied.

Clients often ask me why they should use a cleanser in the morning. Your body is regenerating and detoxing throughout the night removing toxins through the pores of your skin. Cleansing your skin in the morning will remove any waste your body removed through your pores and leaves your skin refreshed.


To remove the surface dry skin cells. Use 2-3 times per week. As a general rule, for sensitive skin less, for oily skin more.

Desquamation is a natural process, however the skin’s oils act like a magnet to some of those dead skin cells and prevent the them from flaking off. A sallow look is the result.

The removal of dead skin cells help products to penetrate deeper into the skin instead of just sitting on top. Exfoliation helps to unblock pores and keep them open to prevent blackheads.


A specialised mask treatment to treat a skin condition. This may be to treat oily skin, aging signs, pigmentation, dry skin etc. Usually used once a week, depending on skin type and skin condition.


To remove any cleansing product left on the skin and restore the skins ph balance.

Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is thinner than on the rest of your face and is therefore more prone to fine lines. Eye creams are designed specifically for this sensitive area. Often there are ophthalmologist tested. More on Anti Aging Eye Cream.


The daytime moisturisers job is to protect from the environment and prevent moisture loss. A good daytime moisturiser should contain antioxidants and ingredients that bound moisture to the skin. Some day creams contain sun block others don’t. Sunscreen may have to be reapplied during the day if you spend time outside.

The night cream’s job is to rejuvenate, repair and restore the skin during the night. Your night cream should contain ingredients that help towards your skin’s health and skin condition. For example if you have dry skin, your night cream should contain nourishing oils.

Specialised Treatment

Specialised serums, essences and gels can help with specific skin problems or aging concerns. This may be pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness etc. Specialised treatments are usually applied under your moisturiser.

Anti Aging Skin Care For The Body

Healthy SkinOther parts of the body can show signs of aging just like your face. Usually skin which has been exposed to the sun will need special attention like hands, neck and décolleté.

Avoid washing your body with harsh soaps. Use gentle body washes instead. Body lotions can help to keep the skin soft and supple and prevents moisture loss.

Apply sun block to protect your skin on the body from the harmful effects of UV rays.


Include your neck in your daily face skin care regime. From the age of about 35 you should use a special neck cream that helps to keep your skin on the neck firm.

I always recommend facial and neck exercises that tone the muscles and also help in keeping the skin firm.


The skin on the décolleté is prone to premature aging due to the exposure of sun. Again, include your décolleté in your daily skin care regime. I advice to treat the décolleté just like your face. Use specialised treatments to combat signs of aging.

Firming neck creams can often be used on the décolleté.


Beautiful manicured nails alone will make your hands look younger. However, the skin can show a lifetime of hard work and may age prematurely.

Exfoliate your hands, soak your hands in warm wheat germ oil for absolute nourishment or have a hand mask.

Use an anti aging hand cream or an intensive anti aging skin care product for hands regularly and never, ever go out in the sun without applying sun block.

Paraffin Wax treatment for hands

Paraffin Wax treatments work on the principle of penetrating products deep into the skin with heat. They are an excellent anti aging skin care treatment.


The rest of the body needs a similar routine like the face. A gentle shower gel, exfoliant and a nourishing antiaging body moisturiser can help to keep the skin beautiful.

Daniela’s Holistic Anti Aging Skin Care Approach

Oh no, you may say now, this is not a skin care regime, this is a whole lifestyle!

The truth is that all lifestyle factors are affecting our body, the rate we’re aging and therefore the amount of wrinkles.

It’s like a cycle, where one factor contributes to another. For example, you have a lack of sleep, which maybe because of a mineral deficiency, you get tired, crave sugar, you’ll feel unhappy, gain weight, you stress, don’t exercise, can’t sleep and so on. You get the picture. All these things are contributing to premature aging of your whole body, including the skin. Start with my simple anti aging nutrition program, as nutrition is the foundation of anti aging, and combine this with good Anti Aging Skin Care and you’ll be on your way to looking and feeling youthful.

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